Original Star Wars -BTS, Outtakes, And More

Yoda getting a facelift.


Here we see the final constructed face of the Jedi Master himself, Yoda. We see his voice actor, Frank Oz, as he examines the rubber face. Jim Henson and one of his puppet makers are looking on as well, getting an idea for how it looks so far.

Yoda was built of rubber over a plastic skeleton and mechanism to allow him to be controlled easily by Oz. Henson is perhaps the most famous puppet maker in history, creating the legendary Muppets. Henson began his career when he invented a puppet sketch show called Sam and Friends. Much of his fame began when he joined the fledgling Sesame Street of the 1960’s. He was responsible for the creation of most of the characters and their puppets that the show is known for today.

In the beginning of Saturday Night Live, he worked on the show creating puppet acts to entertain more adult audiences. After this, his prized Muppet Show was created, making him a household name. He made many Muppet movies, but also worked on other movies that called for his expertise, including Labyrinth and Star Wars. Henson will forever be remembered as one of the most creative men in film history, as well as an integral part of the creation of Star Wars.

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