Original Star Wars -BTS, Outtakes, And More

Break Time.


There are few things that are as refreshing as filming long scenes in the middle of a desert. I’m sure the cast and crew of A New Hope would have refuted this claim.

This picture shows break time on the set of Tatooine with the film crew, directors, and actors enjoying a little time off from the continuous filming in the strenuous heat. We can see the young Mark Hamill sprawled out upon the ground while Alec Guinness is merely kneeling with a severe expression.

The two actors playing the droids had to be carted off into the shade immediately whenever break was called due to the metal in their suits heating. Also, despite the blazing and oppressive sun that accompanied the shots in these desert scenes, there was still a need to bring along the light crews.

These individuals also seem to not be happy with the arrangement. The only comfort Lucas could offer to the crews to help them endure through these hard days was that it wouldn’t be much longer until they could film somewhere a little more temperate. Unfortunately for all present, they would be back to the blazing locale in a matter of years to film The Return of the Jedi.

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