John Rockefeller Quiz

The journey from rags to riches has always been thought of as a part of the American dream. Hard work and the tenacity to rise to the top even though you started from the bottom are qualities that have helped many individuals carve out their own successes in our nation. Few people exemplify working your … Read more

The American Presidents (Civil War to Great Depression) Quiz

Welcome to a quiz on the presidents of the United States of America from the Civil War to the Great Depression. America went through a great deal of change during this period in history.  Many great men led our nation during this time.  See how well you can do on this classic American History quiz. … Read more

American Ingenuity – U.S.’s Brightest Inventors

Welcome to the Quiz On American Ingenuity – U.S’s Brightest Inventors: America has seen it’s fair share of amazing inventions over the years.  Here is your chance to test your knowledge and see just how much you know about a few of the more famous inventions that came from U.S. inventors. Try your best on the … Read more

Name That Slogan Quiz

Everyone loves a good slogan. “Where’s The Beef?”, “Good To The Last Drop”, “Just Do It”, and more…. Here is your chance to see just how many popular slogans throughout history you can match to the correct product and company. Good Luck taking the Name That Slogan quiz! Instructions:  Answer each question to the best of … Read more

The History of Computers Quiz

Today, we all take computers, cell phones, the internet, and most technology for granted, but things were not always that way. Not too long ago, technology was not mainstream and it was not easily accessible to the common person.  A dedicated phone line was needed to connect to the internet, and in the beginning, computers … Read more