Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

One of the most absolutely downright awesome movie series ever to grace our cinemas is Indiana Jones. This is one series that has filled movie audiences with awe and spectacle that would last with them for their entire lives. I’m sure that we can all recall the wonder that we felt in our hearts our first time watching one of these spectacles of movie magic.

The whip-cracking fedora-wearing treasure hunter and his exploits through exotic locations have become legendary to many. Today we pay homage to this cornerstone of adventure films and marvel of Hollywood. For this special presentation, we raided through our ancient treasure troves to present the truth behind the legends to you, our fellow adventurers. So please join us as we take a behind the scenes look at the Indiana Jones series.

Kate Caphshaw and Spielberg

kate capshaw and steven spielberg

Here’s a good tidbit to begin with. Did you know that Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw (pictured here together) are actually married in real life? Not at the time that this picture was taken, mind you, but a few years after the movie was released.

You see, Capshaw had an acting career prior to this time, but it was only small bit parts. The part of Willie in The Temple of Doom was her first and really only big role. Spielberg, however, had made quite a name for himself by this time with Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

He wasn’t yet married during the time that the movie was made, and the pair engaged in a friendly manner that bordered on romantic, getting along extremely well. The couple recalls that they were intent on just staying friends in the beginning, but after Spielberg’s failed marriage to Amy Irving, they got back in touch and something else blossomed. The two dated for over a year and decided to get married. They were wed in 1991 and had six children.

Spielberg and Capshaw are still married to this day, making one of the longest celebrity marriages in recent memory. To this day Spielberg says that Temple of Doom was one of his least favorite movies, but it was all worth it since he meet Kate working on it.

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