Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Men at Work


Back in a time when safety protocol was viewed as more of suggestion, people behaved in ways that most people nowadays would know better than try and replicate. Unfortunately, this image captures the stunt safety management crew as they supervise this dangerous stunt from Raiders. Makes you kind of wonder whether there should be a stunt safety management crew management crew, doesn’t it?

It seems all it would take would be a quick step on the brakes and there would be some job openings. According to the actual men who were a part of this crew, there were some precautions taken. For example, the cars moved at a very slow speed which was edited in post-production to make it appear to be moving quickly.

This entire stunt that you see being rehearsed before you was actually based off of a prior movie. In the film Stage Coach from 1939, there was a similar stunt where the main character was hanging off of a stage coach and kept on climbing around it while knocking villains off. The crew loved this idea and went about trying to figure out how they could replicate that for the era the film takes place in. They decided a high-riding army truck would suffice. They set about building extra handholds and safety protocols to protect Ford. In spite of all these safety measures, he still managed to bruise his ribs while getting drug. Another fun fact, the three soldiers he knocks off of the truck are all three of his stunt doubles.

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