Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Our Fellow Adventurers

indiana jones behind the scenes

Behind every great movie is a great cast and crew. This is a universal truth that all who appreciate a good film understand. And there were few teams that could compare with the one that made Indy a star. First off, with possibly the most successful director of all time in the form of Steven Spielberg, it’s clear that scenes are going to go off without a hitch. Add to that the creative vision of writer George Lucas to ensure the story and characters are unique and memorable. Finally, mix in a film and effects crew of seasoned veterans or beginners who would stay in the business for a long time afterward, and you’ve got a recipe for a blockbuster.

The picture shows the rarely seen camera crew as they capture the epic beginning to the series that would make cinematic history. Among them we can also see the always important stunt double, Vic Armstrong as he gets ready for his role to come into play.

There was a great responsibility thrust on the shoulders of these men and women as they tried to allow visions to be brought into the physical realm. And indeed considering the massive popularity of their work, they were quite successful in their mission. In fact, a majority of the crew stayed the same between all three original movies, and many even returned for the fourth.

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