Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Job to Some, Vacation to Others


Considering the multiple exotic locales that the series has taken place in throughout the years, there is much of a reason for the vast cast and crew to actually enjoy where their work takes them. This photo shows the first film’s leads doing just that.

Here we see Harrison Ford and Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood) still in costume, but off of their Tunisia set. Stories come back to us from the sets that tell of how the cast and crew would occasionally go out into their filming locales and spend their days off experiencing the life of the area.

These trips didn’t come without their fair share of benefits, however. One day in which Spielberg was strolling through a bazaar in Tunisia, he stumbled across a strange brown root that he thought was a living animal. This image would inspire him to write the story of E.T. in between shots. Unfortunately, there were some thoroughly dreadful problems that were brought on by this particular location. A large majority of the cast and crew got diseases from the water and food they partook in. It is told that the few who were able to stave off illness were ones who brought a cache of food from home with them.

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