Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

To Find the Grail


The Holy Grail, the item that has been the center of countless legends and tales of adventure. It was really no surprise that this treasure hunting series would eventually see the quest for what is often considered the treasure of all treasures. From the very beginning, George Lucas wanted to make one of the films dedicated to the search for the cup of legends, but he and Spielberg decided that the Ark of the Covenant would make for a more interesting tale to launch the series on. After the huge success of that concept, they decided to experiment with making a darker movie for the following film, Temple of Doom.

There is a considerable amount of detail and care that went into the fabrication of this version of a hunt for the Grail. We can hear mention of many of the various legends that surrounded this mysterious item throughout the run time. With the references to the legend of the Arthurian Knights and the three brothers of the final crusade, it seem there was proper care taken to adapting their sources.

The city of Alexandretta was indeed located on disputed boundaries during the conflicts of multiple crusades and the legend of the three brothers bore mention to a conflict there. Most stories of the Grail also end with a single knight staying to guard it from intruders, as we see in the end of the film.

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