Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

The Fight of the Century


Who wouldn’t pay money to see director Steven Spielberg go toe to toe with famous British wrestler Pat Roach? The idea alone has the makings of next summer’s biggest blockbuster. With all joking aside, this image was taken in Tunisia, which was where the filming of Egyptian scenes took place. Spielberg is not actually challenging the fighter to a clearly one-sided fistfight, he is merely demonstrating a desired stance for his compatriot to take during filming. The actors who play the massive digging crew are seen watching as the cast goes on with this run through.

Pat Roach, as previously stated, was a wrestler that had quite a bit of reputability in England. He used this popularity to try and launch himself into the world of acting around the eighties and nineties. There was, in all honesty, debatable success with this attempt due not to the quantity of his roles, but rather the quality.

That is not to say that Roach did a poor job in his portrayals, far from it. It’s just that he was always cast as the nameless henchman who would show up, get beat by the hero and maybe come back for another fight later. He was in a James Bond film, a Robin Hood film, even samurai flicks. Each time, he was relegated to just playing a muscular, nameless goon. He does, however, bear the honorable distinction of being in all three original Indiana Jones movies as various characters.

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