Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Father Son Bonding

indiana jones-father-son-bonding-lg

According to many people in the film industry, one of the sincerest pleasures of working with Sean Connery is his peculiar openness that causes him to talk with nearly anyone within earshot. Actors all the time recall offbeat jokes and pleasant conversations shared with the Scottish actor from when they worked with him, and there are many who say he is a joy to work with most of the time.

This is quite peculiar considering the fact that while he was playing his most famous role (as James Bond) most of the people he worked with claimed he was overly dramatic. Starting in the eighties, however, these reports changed to claim he was a truly kind man.

This particular image comes to us from a beautiful day in Germany during break time. Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and producer Arthur Ropolla sit together and share some friendly conversation. Perhaps a nice joke had just been passed between the resting movie makers. Either way, the original scripting for Henry Jones Sr. had him playing a very stoic mentor-like character, which he still is in the final version, but revisions were added to give him more humor and light-hearted moments. After The Temple of Doom frightened so many audiences, they wanted to make sure this one went back to the tone of the original film.

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