Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Dan Aykroyd

dan aykroyd and harrison ford

One of the most out of place peculiarities in The Temple of Doom might seem like a difficult title for any one part to pull off, but I think it’s fitting for this fact. Dan Aykroyd of SNL and Ghostbusters fame actually appears in the movie for a brief and pointless cameo. It occurs when Indy, Willie, and Short Round have just driven to the airfield and are getting ready to board a plane to escape Lao Che. After they get out of the car and walk down the airstrip an attendant comes and tells the posse that everything is ready for their departure. That man was the one and only Dan Aykroyd.

It seems that the actor was a huge fan of the first film and asked Universal if he could be in its sequel in any way. The studio got in touch with Spielberg and he was in. They put him in one of the truly inconsequential parts because Aykroyd said he’d be fine with anything. So these strangely insignificant lines were created just for him.

Originally, the crew was just going to hop on the plane, but now there was some useless dialogue to be spouted and voila, the cameo was complete. Despite his lack of any sort of importance, Dan Aykroyd was still grateful for the chance to be a part of this cinematic landmark.

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