Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

The Attack of the Director


Though he has become one of the most prolific directors in Hollywood history, not a lot is publicly known about how Spielberg goes about doing his work. This is for a good reason, he doesn’t like people to know his methods for directing. There has been a fair amount of testimony to the fact that he is very hands on with nearly all means of production to ensure that everyone is trying their best to make a blockbuster. It is reported that he pours hours over scripts and film for days trying to root out inconsistencies and taped errors.

There is also quite a bit of credence to the fact that his leadership is a spectacular reason for the success of his many works. It is reported by a great many of the people who have worked with him throughout his legendary career that he is always sure to demand everyone does their best, but he still acts with a good sense of humor.

Case in point, the picture you’re seeing was him reenacting the Mola Ram chant while hovering over the encaged Kate Capshaw. Antics like this were common for the man in his attempts to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves as they helped him make masterpieces.

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