Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

To Melt a Nazi


Raiders of the Lost Ark may have been a pretty light hearted movie overall, but it definitely still had its share of trauma inducing moments. From seeing fresh corpses impaled on spikes to endless pits of snakes and shadows, darkness tinged the adventure through and through in that classic Spielberg way.

The most absolutely grim moment, however is given to us in the end. As the Ark of legends is finally opened, out pours the wrath of God in the form of vengeful spirits, punishing those who dared to acquire divine knowledge. As retribution, they liquefy the villains who overstepped their human boundaries.

Terrifying is really the best way to describe this moment both in concept and execution. Industrial Lights and Magic certainly outdid themselves with the gruesome detail with which they depicted this morbid destruction. It all starts by filming a shot of the actors looking terrified. Then, you simply cut to a shot with one of the above dummies that appears to be within the decomposition period. Coat it with a face made of a gelatinous substance and film as it melts. Speed up the footage and you’ve got a melting Nazi.

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