Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Diner Beware


This image is definitely a special one. This picture was taken the first time they rehearsed the scene where Willie would have a soup of eyeballs served to her. They had originally told Kate Capshaw that she would be served a bowl of regular soup, would deliver a one-liner, and that would be the end of it. When they first unveiled her concoction to her, this photo captured her reaction, a mix of terror and laughter. It is reported that Spielberg was behind this, and I don’t doubt it one bit given his track record.

There are still some versions of the film that contain this recorded moment briefly, but most use the actually intended and theatrical recording of this scene. Much of this feast is absolutely horrifying to a majority of our readers, I’d imagine, and that is for good reason.

A small think tank was put together briefly with Lucas, Spielberg, a few of the key members of the writing staff, as well as some of the locals helping with production. This group’s goal was to come up with foods that would send chills down the audience members’ spines while still being made from actual animals in the area. These cruel individuals brought us this banquet of batty and made us all slightly suspicious of foreign cuisines forever more.

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