Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Partners in Adventure


While we have already taken a look into the peculiar circumstances that surrounded the casting of Johnathan Ke Quan as Short Round and the last minute additions to the script that followed, the actual surroundings of the character itself is interesting as well. Short Round was originally meant to be about eighteen years old and an actual taxi driver. The name came from a movie from all the way back in 1951 called The Steel Helmet. There was a young boy from Korea in the film who was referred to as Short Round.

The story behind how Short Round and Indy met was briefly explained in the movie, but it actually is deeper than expressed on the big screen.  While in the movies it is revealed that Indy caught Short Round picking his pocket and employed his services as an assistant in Shanghai.

In some of the alternative sources, it is revealed that Short Round was orphaned at a young age and raised in a mission. He ran away, however and turned to thieving until he met Doctor Jones. After Temple of Doom, Indy brings Short Round to America and leaves him in the care of a boarding school as he returns to his adventures.

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