Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

It’s All Mine


Speaking of film rigs on moving vehicles, this is a good look at a simple film rig that was quite popularly used by Industrial Lights and Magic to capture forward views on moving objects. We really do take for granted the vast amount of equipment that is necessary in order to recall all of the details that one would need to add the authentic rushing and blurring to engage audiences with these high speed scenes. They even had to put a poor cameraman inside the setup in order to make certain everything was working properly.

The mine cart rig certainly was a peculiar construct in and of itself. To bring about a track that would be long enough for the crews to gather enough film for the final cut, the mine was built as a continuous, looping oval built around the group’s sound stage. That is no small feat, building a functional cart track in such a large area, but it had to be done for the sake of the final product.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that it was a repeating track, special liberties had to be taken in post-production. Certain differences, including bends, lava, and stalactite placement all had to be modified using the team’s effects expertise after the fact.

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