Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Recreating History


It comes as little shock that with the series’ large focus on its historical setting, there was a special crew that was set in charge of trying to correct and prevent historical inaccuracies. Lucas was the one who put together this makeshift committee and we can see as he (dressed in a THX t-shirt funnily enough, I might add) and Harrison Ford meet and speak with the prop master, one of the history fact checkers. It would appear that they are working to build miniatures for the planes that would be used in The Last Crusade’s dogfighting scene.

Miniatures were a big part of the movie business back around this time because of how they allowed film crews to pull of spectacular stunts and effects with no danger to their actors. Even though a majority of the scenes in The Temple of Doom’s mine cart chase were live action, there were some parts where miniatures were employed to help move it along.

The historical correctness team would do a pretty fine job with the original trilogy thanks to the aid of some professors who were asked to review some of the film’s material. However, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would experience some considerable blunders. The most prominent of these is the fact that Indy blows up a vehicle with an R.P.G. even though they hadn’t been invented at that point.

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