Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

Motorcycle Chases


One of the most interesting facets in action movies to write about, I have found, is the car chase sequence. Discovering the clever ways that film crews are able to pull off these exciting stunts and still record the various angles and shots necessary to produce the scenes in their entirety is a truly fascinating subject that impresses me time and again. This time, we look not at a car chase, but the thrilling motorcycle chase around the German countryside that was a part of The Last Crusade.

The decision to use a motorcycle with a side car was actually made quite intentionally and with a good reason. After experiencing some difficulties with trying to get the recording rig attached to a simple automobile of the time, they realized that they needed a new rig that would be more compact and still able to withstand the high velocities it would be forced to experience. They decided that with the smaller and more open vehicle, they could have a better view of the leading men.

This would allow for them to get more expressions and views for the audience to see some more character from the two mains. It didn’t take long for Ford to pick up driving the motorbike, and it unsurprisingly didn’t take Connery long to figure how to ride in the sidecar. The crew mostly relied on filming by utilizing cars to follow closely behind and capture the action that the film rig couldn’t pick up.

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