Indiana Jones – Behind The Scenes

The Man Beneath the Headdress


He’s the man that will steal your heart away. Mola Ram was certainly a step up in terms of intimidating villains. With his large intimidating lair being an evil cult sacrifice chamber, his choice in head wear being an ox’s skull, and his hobby being sacrificing people in pits of lava, he certainly plays the role of a bad guy to the letter. With all of this stacked in his corner, it is quite surprising that the actor playing this role was truly just a normal person.

Amrish Puri was this gentleman’s name and he was once one of India’s favorite actors. While it took him quite a while in order to break out into the public eye, once he was there, he made sure he would stay. In his career, Puri appeared in a great deal of films, about 400 in all. Most of the time, he was cast as a villain in the genre of his specialty, Bollywood movies.

Once the opportunity came around for him to show his diabolical talents in Temple of Doom, he was being offered roles as main villain in all sorts of films imaginable. His maniacal depictions earned him several wins for some of India’s most prestigious film awards until his death in 2005.

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